Sacramento River Elite.

First off, thanks for visiting my website. I know… it’s been a while since my last post. Why? Not much to say about those first two Elite Series tournaments. That happens sometimes… it’s fishing.


Landed this feisty 8-pounder on day 2!

Sure have enjoyed California, though! Every bit of it. From the relaxing start and recreational fishing on Clear Lake – to the longest-trip-to-my-fishing-hole ever, most anxiety-ridden, memory-making, gas-sucking week I have yet to experience in my fishing career. All ending with a most appreciated, much needed and long overdue (in my opinion) top 50 (30th place) finish in the Sacramento Bassmaster Elite tournament… whew!!! What a relief! And WHAT FUN! Did I say “I LOVE fishing on Saturday?” I LOVE FISHING ON SATURDAY!!!!  The only thing better would be fishing on Sunday – of course. I really wanna make that top twelve cut… fishy prayers for Havasu!!!

OK, now for the details. I had a ball fishing the Sacramento River delta… once I was able to get out of the driver seat, that is. After two hours driving the boat, it was fish after fish, cast after cast… catch after catch… day after day. And, more importantly, keeper after keeper! That’s hard to beat – anywhere. During any tournament, the big bites are the key – and I was fortunate enough to get a few! I couldn’t be more thankful for my Seaguar line – I got ’em to the boat, each and every time!  To see that 7-pounder jump out of the water, head shaking and all… that was a fisherman’s dream getting him to the boat and in the live well! I just love happy endings!!!

I’m really looking forward to the next Elite Tournament, at Lake Havasu! Wish me luck.

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