Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

1017730_418427334968255_1683352036_nFather’s Day is a very important day of the year. My dad is so very special. Some people ask me “Is it hard when your dad is on a fishing trip?” The answer to that is, yes, because I miss him… but I know that he is doing what he loves and it’s really cool how you can enjoy what you’re doing at work! I love traveling with my dad as much as we can. Sometimes mom even lets us miss school. I wish we could go to all the tournaments! When we go on tournaments we have to do lots of things to keep our minds off the fishing because we would be all be nervous and excited the entire day… every minute to be exact!!! We say our “Fishy Prayers” throughout the day… prayers for daddy to find the good fish… hook ’em and get them in the livewell… Prayers for a safe and happy daddy!!!  This Father’s Day when we went to Dayton, Tennessee for BASSfest… we had a great time… we got to enjoy time with family and great friends!!! A great start to our summer!!!!

Love to my Daddy… from his favorite girl 🙂

Thank you to all that help us out with those “Fishy Prayers” for our Favorite Fisherman! Happy Fathers Day to our Favorite Fisherman Daddy!!!! Love to my Clifford D!!!

– Gracie Prince

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