Philly Elite at Delaware River


Philly fish #2, day 1, August 7, 2014

Talk about a tuff event! Bites were really hard to come by in Philly – although I did get a good many bites flipping in one of the creeks on the New Jersey side of the river. The new YUM Chirsti Craw was the bait working for me during the practice days, but, by the time the tournament rolled around I had to change things up a bit. On Thursday, I was able to scrounge up 3 keepers on a YUM 6 inch Mighty Worm Shaky Head. I had only one bite all day on Friday, and was just glad to get him to the scales. I’m no stranger to fishing tidal waters… but that 7 foot tide swing was mind boggling!

During the week in between The Philadelphia and Cayuga Elites, I was able to get in some pre-fishing. I hit the St. Lawrence, Lake Onadaga, and Lake Onieda, and had a ball at every stop! I caught a good many smallmouth and largemouth, from 1 pounders up to 6 pounders. Had a lot of success with the new doorstep cash loans today YUM drop shot prototype… its going to be a good one!

On to Cayuga!

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